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Welcome to Women's Recovery Services

Our Purpose

WRS is a solution for families broken by a mother's addiction. Neglected children get their mother back, smile again, and swing open a new gate to the future. Mothers become sober, healthy, independent parents who bond the family together for the long term.

Our Mission

To break the cycle of addiction for women in a safe residential setting, allowing them and their young children to live together while learning the life skills necessary to become strong, responsible contributors in their communities.

Our Program

Provides a 120- day residential substance dependence treatment program primarily for pregnant and parenting women with their infants and children, a Children's Program, an eight month AfterCare program and up to two years in a transition home.

Treatment Philosophy

WRS believes addiction is a treatable, physical, emotional and spiritual illness. Abstinence is the primary goal of treatment and we believe it serves as the foundation for successful long-term recovery. WRS treats each woman in our care as an individual with unique treatment issues. We utilize different tools and approaches to help our women achieve her goals. Our women centered treatment also addresses the needs of their children (of all ages) as part of our services. WRS's treatment approach includes addressing health problems, mental health disorders and trauma as part of a recovery process. We believe addiction is a family disease and treating the whole family contributes to a woman's successful recovery.

"It's great to let go—I should have started sooner." -Isabel Allende (Donor since 2005)

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